Best Infrared Saunas of 2019 Reviewed!

A Complete Guide

to Finding the Perfect Infrared Sauna for Your Home

Top 5 Infrared Saunas of the Year!




JNH Lifestyles

1. JNH Lifestyles



  • Equipped with digital control
  • Built-in 3.5mm AUX Control
  • Long lasting LED lighting


  • 47.3 x 75 x 39.5 inches
  • 250 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 274 pounds


Crystal Sauna LC400

2. Crystal Sauna LC400



  • Wall-to-wall Heating System
  • Floor Heater and Backrests
  • CD Player with AM/FM radio!


  • 61.8 x 78.7 x 75 inchess
  • 600 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 640 pounds


Dynamic Saunas Barcelona

3. Dynamic Saunas Barcelona



  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Retains more heat and uses LESS energy
  • Long lasting LED lighting


  • 39.2 x 35.3 x 72.5 inches
  • 250 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 250 pounds


Radiant Saunas

4. Radiant Saunas



  • Chromotherapy Lighting


  • 49 x 39 x 75 inches
  • 354 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 382 pounds


Durherm Low EMF

5. Durherm Low EMF



  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy Storage
  • Heated Footpad


  • 31.5 x 33 x 41 inches
  • 25 poundss
  • Shipping Weight:27.6 pounds

If you’re looking for something that will make you go from “blah” to “ahh,” consider purchasing an infrared sauna for your home.

You don’t need to save up for a trip to a spa to enjoy a nice sauna, and you don’t even have to worry about breaking the bank to make one a fixture in your home.

Infrared saunas are a great alternative to traditional steam saunas because they tend to cost thousands of dollars less, and can actually provide you with more health benefits than a traditional sauna. Take a look below to learn more about the various benefits of sauna use, as well as tips on choosing the perfect infrared sauna for your home.

Our Top Choices if You’re in a Rush

Only have a few minutes to spare? Check out our top picks when it comes to the best overall infrared sauna, best far infrared sauna, and best 2-person sauna!

Top Overall Choice

JNH Lifestyles

2-Person Indoor

When it comes to finding a sauna that is beautiful both in looks and performance, you can’t go wrong with this 2-person infrared sauna from JNH Lifestyles.
Here’s a snapshot of what makes this sauna so great:

  • ETL-approved carbon heaters for the absolute best performance
  • Gorgeous Canadian Hemlock wood, which is both non-toxic and FSC certified
  • Excellent visibility
  • Fits easily into tight spaces
  • Easy to install and break down

Top Far Option

Dynamic Saunas Barcelona

1-2 person Far

Proving that good — and soothing — things come in small packages is this 1-2 person far infrared sauna from Dynamic. In this guide, we’ll be going through a bevy of far infrared saunas, so what makes this one the best of the best?

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Retains more heat and uses LESS energy
  • Easy installation
  • Great addition to your home basement or garage

Top 2-Person Choice

Radiant Saunas

2-Person Hemlock Deluxe

Radiant is right! This stunning 2-person infrared sauna is quite the sight to behold. Along with its great looks, the sauna also is ready to make you feel spectacular. A few great features include:

  • Heats up quickly and provides steady heat, with a max temperature of 141 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built to last
  • An infrared color therapy light augments therapeutic benefits of sauna treatment

Health Benefits: Should I Get One?

Like massage, facials and hot tubs, saunas offer more than a luxurious experience. These forms of pampering are also considered holistic therapies that improve mind and body health.

According to various studies, the use of saunas can ameliorate certain health conditions, relieve stress and can even leave you with a fabulous complexion. Let’s delve deeper, shall we?

1. Helps the Body Fight Viruses and Infections

Along with apples, a sauna a day can potentially keep the doctor away. Saunas encourage perspiration, which is one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms against. Sweating rids the body of toxins. Detoxification is important in supporting your body’s immune system and preventing toxic overload..

And by turning up the heat, you are also killing tons of bacteria and viruses that cannot survive in temperatures above 98.6 degrees Fahren

2. Keeps Skin Clear and Beautiful

Did you used to shudder at the thought of summer temperatures and sweat clogging up your pores? ME TOO!

But in fact, the opposite is true when it comes to perspiring. Heat allows the pores to open and this makes it easy for sweat to carry dirt, grime and other bacteria out.

Sweat also produces dermcidin. Dermcidin is a natural antibiotic that can fend off dangerous invaders, including the germs that are part of tuberculosis. Now THAT really shows you how sweating brings the heat.

3. Stress Relief

Sitting back in a nice, steamy sauna is a great way to relieve stress and put your mind at ease. Relieving stress promotes good health, both physically and mentally. Stress relieves the hormone cortisol, which — over time — has been shown to increase anxiety, depression, the risk of cardiovascular disease and more.

Infrared vs Steam

Not all saunas are created equally. And when it comes to infrared and steam saunas, there are some critical differences you should know about before shopping.

1. Turn Up the Heat — But Not TOO Much

Sweating it out is good for you, so why not turn the heat up? Well, there can be certain caveats when getting hot leaves you hot and bothered.

Traditional steam saunas use temperatures as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat can be uncomfortable for some, and can even be dangerous depending on an individual’s sensitivity to heat.

For those looking to use a sauna commercially, this caveat is important when shopping for the right sauna for your business. And if you are using a sauna for personal use, it’s important to keep your comfort — and the comfort of your guests — in mind.

Infrared saunas provide heat between 120 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is still plenty hot and provides all the mental and physical benefits of a traditional steam sauna without putting you or your guests at risk.

2. Use Less Power

Because saunas operate at lower temperatures than traditional steam saunas, they also use less power, which can save you a pretty penny on your energy bills, depending on how often you plan to use your infrared sauna.

How to Choose The Perfect One For Your Home?

Which Type Do You Want?

There are two different types when it comes to choosing an infrared sauna — far infrared and near infrared. Google “near vs. far infrared saunas” and you may feel like you’ve opened a Pandora’s box of conflicting information. Some tout the benefits of these types of saunas, while others warn against potentially harmful results.

But don’t worry — I’ve combed through various articles and studies so you don’t have to!

Near infrared saunas uses light near the visible light spectrum, which is the same type of light emitted by the sun. Our bodies are designed to absorb — and benefit — from sunlight (hi there, vitamin D), so you really shouldn’t have much to worry about when it comes to using a near infrared sauna. One of the big differences between near and far infrared saunas is permeation of heat.

In a near infrared sauna, the heat emitted will definitely get your circulation going, work up a sweat, and can lead to a calmer mind, as well as relief from physical pain. However, far infrared saunas tend to take healing a step further.

Far infrared saunas use a wavelength of light that is at the farthest end of the electromagnetic spectrum. For this reason, far infrared saunas are able to go beyond the surface and coax your body into heating that enhances detoxification and can also promote things like weight loss and stress relief.


Regardless of which type you use, you are already drastically cutting costs by choosing an infrared sauna over a traditional sauna.

Quality near and far infrared saunas both tend to go over the $1,000 mark. However, if you are looking for something EXTREMELY low maintenance like a portable sauna, you can save hundreds of dollars.


Another consideration when purchasing a sauna for your home is use. Other than relaxation, are you:

  • Interested in using a sauna only for occasional — and personal — relaxation? Or do you foresee using a sauna daily to feel pampered, and also to enjoy the various healing benefits?
  • Do you want a sauna for you and your family to enjoy?
  • Do you want a sauna to entertain various guests and friends?

If you have disposable income and are also someone who loves to entertain, the higher priced saunas that can fit two or more people will be up your ally.

If you just want some occasional pampering and don’t think you’ll be using a sauna for anything other than personal use, a portable or lower priced 1-person sauna will probably be the right fit.

And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the toprated saunas on the market today!

Overall Pick

JNH Lifestyles 2-Person Indoor

Enjoy easing your mind and healing your body in style. This far infrared sauna doesn’t go far over the $1,000 mark while offering an optimal performance that will last for years and years.


  • Safety first: The doors of this sauna have been specially designed with safety glass that allows you to see easily from within the sauna, while also providing better insulation than many comparable brands.
  • A natural choice: The 100% top quality Canadian Hemlock Wood that makes up the cabin includes no added chemicals. The wood is also FSC Certified Wood, which means it is recyclable, making it better for the planet.
  • Easy assembly: A tools-free design makes it extremely easy to set up, break down, and transport the sauna.
  • A sauna with a soundtrack: A premium sound system comes equipped with two premium speakers, as well as an amplifier via a 3.5mm auxiliary plug. Any portable audio device can work with the sauna’s included volume rocker and on/off switch.
  • LED lighting: Long lasting LED lights mean that you can enjoy this sauna for years and years. LED lights are also 50% more cost-efficient than standard light bulbs.

Value Pick

Crystal Sauna 4-5 Person Luxury

(Under $3,000)

Yes, this sauna is more than a couple grand, but — considering the plethora of features — it is one of the best values we could find.


  • 12 Carbon Fiber heaters comprise a wall-to-wall heating system that spans a total of 6,695 square inches.
  • A bench that is 24 inches
  • To give you and your guests the ultimate in luxury and satisfaction, this massive sauna comes equipped with a floor heater and backrests.
  • Put your best foot forward: Flushed floor heaters keep your feet warm and luxuriated.
  • The sauna comes equipped with both a CD player with AM/FM radio! It is easily accessible and you can also use an included remote control to flip between stations while relaxing.
  • Aside from the healing benefits of heat, the sauna also comes equipped with seven color therapy lights you can adjust via remote control. The lights provide chromotherapy (also called color therapy), which encourages a state of equilibrium in the body, known as homeostasis.
  • An oxygen ionizer keeps the air in the sauna fresh and clean by releasing ions into the air that kill odor and bacteria.


  • Dimensions: 77 x 62 x 75 inches
  • Weights: 600 lbs.

Budget/Affordable Option

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable

(Under $1,200)

If affordability is the name of the game, you can’t go wrong with this option from Radiant Saunas. Because this option is also portable, you can enjoy the healing benefits of an infrared sauna anywhere. And yes, this is a far infrared sauna, so you still get those deep, detoxification benefits without even going over $300!


  • Comfort collar: The last thing you want to interrupt your relaxation is an itchy neck. Radiant Saunas has you covered. The padded, double-lined neck collar is the ultimate in comfort. This sauna also comes equipped with dual interior and exterior front compartment zippers for easy entrance and exit of the sauna.
  • Don’t be fooled by the look of this portable sauna — the cabin construction is tough as nails. A moisture-resistant, satin polyester exterior is lock-stitched for strength and also boasts an aesthetically pleasing quilted look.
  • The sauna’s hand-held control makes it easy to customize your experience. The control includes six automatic timer options, as well as five levels of preset heat temperature options. And to make things even more convenient, this remote fits easily into the sewin-in pockets at the front of the cabin. And speaking of pockets…
  • The sauna comes with a large 6-inch by 5-inch pocket on right side. Along with your remote, you’ll have plenty of room to fit magazines and smartphones.
  • Canvas seating: the chairs are constructed of tubular steel for strength and durability. A soft, supportive seat and back augment the comfort of your sauna experience.


  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 28 x 38.1 inches
  • Weight: 18 lbs.

Portable Option

Durherm Extra Large Sauna Low EMF Negative Ion Portable

(Under $1,200)

I was tempted to list the Rejuvenator Portable Sauna as both the top budget-friendly and portable infrared sauna. The Rejuvenator and the Durherm share similar features that make them great choices. However, there are a few things about this extra large portable sauna from Durherm that makes it stand out from the rest.


  • The extra large size is great for larger individuals who have difficult fitting in the standard size for portable saunas. It also prevents feelings of claustrophobia.
  • Comes equipped with three heaters and one integrated foot pad, which can be controlled via remote control.
  • The three heating panels are EMF-free and 200 to 600 times lower than other far infrared panels; this means the panels generate more heat and draw less energy than competing panels.
  • This sauna is built to last. The materials increase the longevity of the sauna and also prevent wear and tear.
  • Extremely easy to set up, fold and transport.
  • Design allows you to easily read, watch TV or listen to music while enjoying your sauna experience.


  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 33 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

Top 1-Person

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1-Person

(Under $1,050)

JOYOUS is right!

There’s no need to share your sumptuous experience with the Joyous 1-Person Far Infrared Sauna from JNH Lifestyles. Consider this your own little fortress of solitude.

Like many other high-end models from JNH, this sauna comes equipped with several luxurious and top-quality features.


  • Provides the ultimate heating experience thanks to six quality carbon infrared heaters (located at the back, the calf, sides and legs).
  • A digital control panel allows you to easily adjust the temperature and duration of your session.
  • LED lights create a soothing ambience while also using 50% less energy than standard bulbs.
  • In your own person refuge, play any of your favorite songs and truly sink into the experience thanks to two speakers and an auxiliary plug that matches any portable music device.


  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 75 x 33.5 inches
  • Weight: 200 lbs

Top 2-Person Pick

Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Deluxe

(Under $1,200)

Escape the stresses of everyday life by yourself — OR with someone else! This gorgeous 2-person sauna boasts a solid construction, maximum heat therapy, as well as chromotherapy so that you can improve your health and enhance your overall wellness.


  • Simple, intuitive controls allow you to adjust the sauna’s temperature and lighting in order to customize an experience that suits your needs.
  • A high-quality oxygen ionizer keeps air clean and fresh, and allows you to breathe easy even when things get EXTRA hot.
  • The solid Canadian hemlock construction boasts a gorgeous design as well as a sturdy build that ensures you can enjoy this unit for years to come.
  • An easily accessible built-in music player comes with aux inputs, as well as a CD and radio player.


  • Dimensions: 49 x 39 x 75 inches
  • Weight: 354 lbs

Top 4-Person Pick

Radiant Saunas BSA1320

(Under $2,500)

At over $2,000, this certainly isn’t cheap, but when you find out what this massive unit features, it’s going to seem like an absolute STEAL.


  • A whopping 10 carbon heaters allow for maximum heat and a luxurious experience for you and your guests.
  • Solid Canadian red cedar wood offers a beautiful aesthetic and solid construction.
  • Want to let in some fresh air? NO PROBLEM! This unit comes equipped with adjustable roof vents.
  • An electronic oxygen ionizer keeps air pure, clean and fresh.
  • An electronic oxygen ionizer keeps air pure, clean and fresh.
  • Bronze tinted tempered glass allows visibility while also creating more privacy.
  • Includes easy-to-use interior and exterior LED control panels, plus seven chromotherapy systems.


  • Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 75 inches
  • Weight: 397 lbs

Top Brands


JNH Lifestyles 2-Person Indoor Far Infrared Sauna (Under $1,050)

Making a repeat appearance on this list is the Lifestyles 2-Person Indoor Far Infrared Sauna from JNH. Like other JNH saunas in this collection, this sauna boasts a bevy of features, such as a build made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials that will keep you safe and secure, and will add to a greener way of living.

From great insulation, to easy-to-use digital controls, and maximum heat with less energy, you really can’t go wrong with this model. A 2-person sauna is kind of the golden mean when it comes to using a sauna for personal use, while also wanting the option to provide guests with a little added entertainment during parties and gatherings.

But what really makes this a favorite of mine is that it comes with ALL the features that are found in comparable JNH units with an unbelievably reasonable price tag. As far as indoor infrared saunas go, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1-2 person Far Infrared Sauna (Under $1,200)

This is another gorgeous and reasonably priced unit that pretty much has it all. And on top of that, this Dynamic sauna has been constructed from naturally reforested Canadian Hemlock wood.


  • Built with some of the thickest interior and exterior wood planks in the industry. This allows the unit to retain more heat while also using less energy, so you can have a therapeutic experience without making your energy bills go through the roof.
  • Includes a chromotherapy lighting system.
  • Comes equipped with Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels that you will NEVER need to replace.
  • Can easily fit into your garage, basement, or make a great addition to any fitness floor.


  • Dimensions: 39.2 x 35.3 x 72.5 inches
  • Weight: 250 lbs


HeatWave SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello 4-Person Infrared Sauna (Under $2,000)

Enjoy a spa experience with friends from your very own home, or kick your feet up and unwind after a long day at work.

This 4-person infrared sauna from HeatWave provides several luxurious features at a fairly reasonable price.


  • Fits comfortably at the corner of a room thanks to a convenient design.
  • A color mood light provides the perfect ambience to further your relaxation.
  • Includes a magazine rack and towel hook for your and your guests’ convenience.
  • Comes with four backrests for added comfort.
  • If you and your guests want to enjoy some music, the unit is equipped with a CD player with an mp3 plug-in.
  • Oxygen ionizer keeps air clean and pure.


  • Dimensions: 78 x 30 x 67 inches
  • Weight: 464 lbs


Lifesmart 1-2 Person Infrared Sauna Featuring Carbon Heater Technology (Under $1,200)

Get the spa treatment from the comfort of your own home. This sauna is an eco-friendly option that is extremely easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in your home — even on carpet!

This 4-person infrared sauna from HeatWave provides several luxurious features at a fairly reasonable price.


  • Includes fresh air vent for optimal comfort.
  • Includes reading light.
  • Easily listen to your favorite tunes thanks to an MP3 audio input with built-in speakers.
  • Lifesmart posits that you can burn up to 600 calories after 30 minutes of sauna use.


  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 76.4 inches
  • Weight: 275 lbs


Clearlight CE-2 Sauna (Under $2,600)

Clearlight takes healing and luxury to stratospheric levels. At nearly $3,000, it certainly isn’t the cheapest unit on our list, but it is significantly less than traditional saunas in its class, and comes equipped with a variety of features that make this sauna worth the price tag.


  • A well-rounded heating experience: You’ll love being surrounded by therapeutic heat. The CE-2 has heaters on the front, sides, and back to ensure that you are completely enveloped by Clearlight’s carbon/ceramic ultra low EMF technology.
  • The CE-2 is made from clear Nordic spruce, which is hypoallergenic.
  • Chromotherapy and recessed halogen accent lights create the perfect ambiance.
  • Enjoy any type of music with the high-quality inbuilt stereo system, including AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo with two-way speakers and a remote.
  • Easy installation that typically takes less than an hour.


  • Interior Dimensions: 46 x 40 x 67 inches; bench dimensions: 45 x 20 inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 50 x 44 x 77 inches
  • Weight: 386 lbs


Sunlighten mPulse Believe Infrared Basswood Home Sauna (Under $5,000)

This is the most expensive sauna on our list, but TRUST ME when I say that you get what you pay for.

Sunlighten tends to be an expensive brand all around, but those extra dollar signs come from a thorough study into the benefits of infrared technology, utilizing said technology, and constructing saunas that are designed to meet the wellness needs of every individual.


  • Patented Solocarbon 3-in-1Ⓡ Infrared technology: You don’t need to worry about choosing between a near of far infrared sauna — have it all! Choose from near, mid or far infrared to customize the type of experience you want and the benefits you wish to derive.
  • Android-powered control panel: Speaking of having it all, this panel takes inbuilt entertainment to a whole new level. Using this control panel you can: monitor your heart rate and calories burned; adjust interior lighting and sounds; watch a DVD and/or connect to the internet, and play music.
  • Seven wellness programs: Choose from the following wellness programs during your sauna experience — detoxification, anti-aging, weight loss, custom, relaxation, cardiovascular, and pain relief.


  • Interior Dimensions:: 51.7 x 47.6 x 78.6 inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 45.7 x 41.6 x 71.5 inches; bench: 45.7 x 20 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 563 lbs


Therasage Ps2002 Portable Far Infrared Sauna (Under $650)

Here’s another infrared sauna for those who want something under $1,000, easy to set up, and that can be taken on the go. We’ve covered some other great options when it comes to portable far infrared saunas, so how does this model from Therasage measure up? Take a look.


  • Tourmaline discs: The discs used in the Ps2002 provide quick, efficient and even heat to your body. They also use release negative ions, which can help improve mood, breathing and decrease stress.
  • Panels are hot, but not too hot to the touch.
  • No electromagnetic radiation.
  • Comes equipped with five heat settings. For safety, there is also a built-in timer with an automatic shut-off.
  • Won’t use much electricity, so you can enjoy a soothing experience without worrying about making your bills skyrocket.


  • Dimensions: 33 x 37 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 28 lbs

Final Verdict: Our Top Choice For Your Money

JNH Lifestyles 2-Person Indoor

(Under $1,050)

Let me be honest — if cost was not a consideration for me (or for you), I would say that you need to go out and buy the Sunlighten mPulse Believe Infrared Basswood Home Sauna ASAP. As far as saunas go, this company truly goes above and beyond to give you an experience that is equal parts relaxing and healing.

But not many of us have $5,000 just lying around, so I’m going to give the coveted Top Choice For Your Money title to this 2-person indoor far infrared sauna from JNH.

At just a little over $1,050, you are going to bring home a gorgeous and effective unit. The construction is safe, gorgeous and sturdy, so you can look forward to years of relaxation in this sauna. And when it comes to wellness, this sauna is going to deliver you with technology that is designed to put your mind at ease, while also improving or preventing a variety of health conditions.

An investment in a sauna is about much more than pampering — it’s about improving your quality of life. Happy healing!