5 Best Home Infrared Saunas Review

Infrared saunas are a great relaxation tool, but there are a lot of same-y products out there, or ones that aren’t worth your time (over 400 on amazon alone!). To save you some time I’ve gone through all of them and picked out which ones I think are the best products around for your consideration.
If you’re in a big hurry, don’t worry: I can make this quick for you. The best buy is right below. If you feel like sticking with me longer though, I’ll quickly go over what you should look for in an infrared sauna before I dive into the products themselves.

My Favorite Choice

SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello

4 Person Infrared Sauna

  • High quality dual interior/exterior front compartment zippers
  • Sanitary clean air ionizer keeps your sauna fresh
  • UL-approved 6.5-ft electric power cord with built-in safe
  • Secure Velcro cord attachments

How Do I Pick The Right One?

The construction, luxury options, and price are the three main concerns with infrared saunas. Most of these are pretty standardized, but there are a few curveballs around.


Almost all full-sized infrared saunas are made of Canadian Hemlock (a pretty good, fairly durable wood that looks very nice) and held together with tongue and groove assembly (they can usually be conceivably put together by one person, though it’s less frustrating with at least two). Portable infrared saunas are usually some kind of insulated canvas, with wood framing.

The heating panels should be made of carbon fiber. Ceramic heating panels basically defeat the purpose of an infrared sauna: they’re supposed to heat you directly while leaving the air cool; ceramic heating panels are inefficient and bleed heat into the air, which makes it just as inhospitable as a steam sauna after a while.

Any of these are the big bonuses you’re looking for: the point is to relax, and eliminating irritants is a huge part of that. It doesn’t really matter how warm you are if your blood pressure is being driven right back up with mild frustrations or uncomfortable design.

Finally, you obviously want comfy backrests. Anything without those was disqualified from this list; it’s such a basic thing and there’s plenty of options out there as good or better in every other area as the ones that didn’t see fit to add them.

Luxury Options

Or three main ones here are: a radio (or at least speakers with an aux input so you can play music through your phone or what have you), a chromotherapy system (aka mood lighting; colored lamps), and an oxygen ionizer (helps keep the air cool and crisp in the cabin).

In addition to that, most have other options like magazine racks, reading lamps, or cupholders (that last one is strangely rare though).


These things are surprisingly affordable, even for the full sized options. We’re looking at a range of $1200 to $1700 for something with proven (if relatively minor) long-term health benefits. It’s comfortable and costs less than a full entertainments system for something you’ll probably use every day once you buy it. Portable ones are even better, at around $150 to $270.

And that’s it! Let’s get to them.

Top Home Models in the Market

1. Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

Big and comfortable. What more do you need?
Starting off at the only logical place to start: the best. This one has everything we look for in an infrared sauna.

One of the first big things that stands out to me: it comes equipped with 10 carbon fiber far infrared heating panels, which is a couple more than the average for this size. This great because it makes sure there’s more coverage in the cabin, so you don’t have to contort to get the deep penetrating heat.

These panels heat up to 141 degrees (well within the comfortable range), and are arranged evenly inside ofa Canadian Hemlock frame, the standard for a reason (it’s a good quality wood) and has most of the luxuries we look for: sound system, chromotherapy system, and oxygen ionizer.

For extras on top of that it has magazine racks and towel hooks which, while not the sexiest addition, are very convenient ones.

For the little over $1600 asking price (not appreciably higher than some of the inferior models) this spacious four seater is an excellent purchase. If that’s a little too big for you though (it can be hard to fit in some homes), the next one is also excellent:

2. Empava EMPV-SR-H2 Sauna

An amazing two person model.
Empava makes great infrared saunas, and this one is my favorite of theirs. It’s a two seater (though read that more as “for one person but an extra you’re very comfortable with being in very close proximity to can fit”) that includes everything our winner has (and more!) in a more easily manageable package.

You’re looking at 8 carbon fiber, far infrared heaters (low EMF) inside a Canadian Hemlock frame, with Bluetooth speakers (radio capable, with aux inputs) that can heat up to 141 degrees (it hits the recommended 124 degrees in about 20 minutes), the chromotherapy (mood lighting) system, and oxygen ionizer to help keep things comfortable.

To cap things off are reading lights, which I value a bit more than the magazine racks myself, making this a great product at over $300 cheaper than our winner.

I really hesitated to put this at second place since in some ways it’s actually better than the Tuscon, but the extra size eventually won out for me since it’s hard to find good ones of that size. Still, this is an excellent model and well worth the price for a single person’s relaxation chamber or couples’ nook.

3. Sante Fe SA2412DX Infrared Sauna

An in between model.
From the same brand as our winner (Heatwave), we have this interestingly shaped model. Most things are the same as the Tuscon, with the Canadian Hemlock construction, sound system, chromotherapy, oxygen ionizer, and even the magazine racks.

The main difference is in the size (a 2 to 3 person model instead of 3 to 4) and shape, with this one being designed to fit into a corner. This makes it potentially much easier to fit into your home as an install into an existing place, though may require some remodeling on your part. With the extra work it makes a much cleaner profile than the rectangular models which can feel kind of awkward in some placements.

Since it’s essentially identical in performance and price (it is less than $10 cheaper than the Tuscon), it’s really up to personal preference on which shape and size you like better. It only falls here at third place because the Empava is a best in class of its own, and I value a two person model more than a 3 person one (it’s a more manageable size, and I prefer saunas as a more solitary experience where possible).

4. Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

A huge portable model.

These next two are a bit different: portable infrared saunas. They may look weird, but they are legitimate alternatives to the full sized versions if you buy a high quality one.

This fits that bill, leveraging its larger than average interior (a few inches on each side; it may not sound like much but the difference is noticeable inside) to add a few more quality of life adjustments over the standard portable experience.

It has three carbon fiber heaters (one to each side, and one at the back) with a large, low backed and comfortable folding armchair, an insulated and padded collar for extra comfort, and all of the standard features for a portable infrared sauna (zippered arm holes and multi setting controller). It even has convenient pockets for holding your books, magazines, or tablets (which most lack)!

While not as glamorous or luxurious as a full sized model, they make up for it by being much more easily portable (most weigh about 20 lbs and can fit under a bed or in a closet) and roughly 1/6 of the price of a normal infrared sauna (this one will cost you a bit over $250). A good buy for what it is.

5. FIR-Real Far Infrared Portable Sauna

A good, if not quite as nice model.

Finishing us off is the FIR Real. Groans at that pun aside, this portable infrared sauna comes with nothing but good features.

The main difference between this and the Radiant is the lack of any real luxury features. It has a high-performance set of basic features, but no real frills.

This includes the three carbon fiber heating panels in the same configuration as the Radiant (one to each side, one at the back), a reflective surface on the exterior (I presume to keep you cooler when using it in direct sunlight), a 5 setting controller (up to 150 degrees, and as low as 117 degrees if you’re feeling like you just need to warm up a little), and an energy efficient heater: the usual 30 minute session will cost you only 5 cents.

The main issue with this one is that it has equal performance to and fewer luxury features than the Radiant…and for the same price, give or take a couple of dollars. That puts the FIR-Real firmly in the realm of “wait for a sale”, but if you find it on a deep discount one day, it’s an excellent choice if you haven’t already bought one of the above options.

Overall Winner

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

Oversized Portable Cabin

These are all great models, though I’ll reiterate the FIR-Real is a “wait for the sale” product. Still, the top three full-size models are largely interchangeable in quality (it’s completely up to preference on size and shape design, but I still think the Tuscon just barely edges out the rest), with the Radiant Saunas Harmony Deluxe being the best portable infrared sauna I’ve seen sold on Amazon. You should be happy with any of these.