5 Best Portable Infrared Saunas Review

Portable infrared saunas may look silly, but they represent a much cheaper way to reap the health benefits of a full sized one without dedicating all the space in your home to accommodating a luxury item like that.
While many have their issues, here are five of my favorites and why they’re worth your time.

My Top Pick

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

Oversized Portable Cabin

  • High quality dual interior/exterior front compartment zippers
  • Sanitary clean air ionizer keeps your sauna fresh
  • UL-approved 6.5-ft electric power cord with built-in safe
  • Secure Velcro cord attachments

Top 5 Portable Models

How Do I Find The Right One?

Portable models for better or worse lack a lot of the variety that their full-sized cousins possess, leaving only three main criteria to look for: construction, comfort, and price.


As I said above, they tend to be pretty much identical in terms of the basics, from appearance (besides color) to their frames and number of zippered pockets, and even the placement of the carbon fiber heating pads (two to each side, one at the back).

The main standout thing to look for as a bonus is the size of it: bigger is usually better, since bigger means more comfortable. Other than that, not much variation to be found.


This is where things branch out a bit. Most models have the same basic features; a comfortable, low backed folding chair and zippered pockets for your arms to come out. On top of that though, different models have different things, like spacious outside pockets (convenient for storing books or tablets) or more comfortable fitting collars around the neck.

Any of these are the big bonuses you’re looking for: the point is to relax, and eliminating irritants is a huge part of that. It doesn’t really matter how warm you are if your blood pressure is being driven right back up by mild frustrations or uncomfortable design.


This (besides the space-saving concern) is the big reason to choose a portable option over a full sized one. The most expensive ones will run you in the ballpark of $250, a full 1/5 of the average price of a full sized model. While not as high performing or comfortable, that difference in price is MORE than enough to justify the drop in effectiveness and amenities.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the reviews!

Top Portable Models of Today

1. Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

Focused on comfort.
Our winner this time has the best combinations of luxury and performance around, for a reasonable (a bit over $250 asking price).

It boasts four carbon fiber, low EMF heating panels and six preset settings (with a more granular temperature control as well), making it a very modular option. It also has more even heating, since most models only have three panels (one to each side, and one at the back) giving this one a leg up there. While it doesn’t specify where the panel is placed, I assume it is more of a footpad, making it a better choice there than some of the ones below (which unfortunately use ceramic panels for the feet).

But what makes it the top option is the focus on comfort without jacking up the price, with a more comfortable than usual folding chair (a padded seat and armrests added to the wider than usual canvas frame) and two removable comfort fit collars for less potential irritation.

The biggest plus here is the sauna itself: it’s larger than the average, making it far more comfortable to be inside. Just a few extra inches in every direction adds a surprising amount of comfort.

Definitely worth the purchase; it’s the best for the price range by far.

2. FIR-Real Far w/ Carbon Wall Panels & Footpad

Surprisingly up front and high quality.
The first thing I want to give this model a shout out about is how much information is easily and freely available about the product, down to some details most manufacturers don’t share at all. Kudos.

This makesit easy for me to tell you how good this model is, which is pretty darn good.

It uses a 120 volt (60 Hz) power supply to heat its three 1000 watt carbon fiber heating panels anywhere from 115 to 150 degrees (though keep in mind that around 130 degrees is the optimal temperature where you get the most benefit). This will cost you (as they’re so kind to spell out) only around 5 cents per 30 minute session. Not bad.

Other than that, it comes with everything you’d expect. A compact folding chair, a lightweight design with multiple zippers to keep your hands free, a temperature controller (this one has 5 settings, the aforementioned heat ranges), and reflective polypropylene on the exterior.

For a little over $250 asking price, it’s a great product but suffers from being the same price as the model above with a less spacious enclosure and fewer comfort options. Absolutely get it if you can find it cheaper.

3. SereneLife Home Spa

Pretty great.
This one is a bit less modular than the Fir Real, having less heat settings and a lower max temperature (140 degrees rather than 150; though again as long as it goes to 130 degrees it’s perfectly fine), but other than that is still pretty good.

It comes with all the basics: a comfortable folding chair, a controller, multiple zippers to free your hands while staying sealed enough to work, and is the first low emf portable infrared sauna we’ll be covering today, so that’s a good bonus.

While there aren’t any proven scientific benefits to a low EMF (electromagnetic field) machine (or drawbacks to normal EMF ratings, though there are studies in progress on the effects of high amounts of background EMF from things like cellphones and wifi) it certainly doesn’t HURT to reduce the EMF output.

Besides that, the only real thing of note is that the carbon fiber heaters on this one are 1050 watt instead of 1000 watt, so they draw just a bit more power. Just something to take note of if it matters to you, but in the grand scheme you’re looking at something like an extra cent per month on your electric bill with that small of a difference.

For the under $200 asking price, this is a great, cheaper alternative to the FIR Real.

4. Loozys Rejuvenator Home Spa

Okay, but slightly overpriced.
This one is pretty decent, but nothing to really go gaga over.

It heats up to 140 degrees (plenty enough for the average user), and comes with everything you might expect with the zippered sleeves, multiple setting controller, and chair. The foot warmer comes in as an added bonus, and unlike our below option isn’t likely to uncomfortably scorch your feet while you’re sitting there trying to relax.

My main issue is that that’s all this one really is: decent, and for the price (only about $10 cheaper than the superior Serene Life) it doesn’t really offer enough to justify not just going for the slight upcharge. It just doesn’t outperform any item on this list in any way (even our bottom pick), so the pricing is unfortunate; I could only see myself paying about $100 for this one, and I imagine most people feel the same way.

This is a definite “wait for sale” item, but it at least has the advantage of already being a bit cheaper than most portable infrared saunas on the market, so an extra $20 price drop even makes it a MUCH more desirable product, and that’s easily hit by any sale.

5. Ridgeyard Foldable FIR

Cheap, but flawed.

This one looks great at first. It has a massive upper limit on temperature (177 degrees!), heats up to 140 degrees in 5 minutes, has a solid 3-year warranty, and is the second largest model we’ve looked at today. The included chair is reportedly quite comfortable and it comes with a heated footpad.

That last is unfortunately the main issue. Being made of mica, the heating pad gets very hot to the touch and is uncomfortable to use. This puts it in an odd position. The price is jacked up a bit due to the footpad being billed as a plus (it’s just over $200), but the footpad is so uncomfortable when in use that you’re going to likely need to put it aside anyway.

It’s a shame, because everything else is pretty good, but that’s such a huge drawback for any item (who wants to use something that hurts to use?) and ESPECIALLY for anything that’s designed primarily as a health and relaxation tool it’s hard to recommend this over anything else on the list; you’re paying a massive extra price for something you’re going to need to throw away to use the product.

As is it sits at the bottom of our list unless it’s on sale for cheaper than the otherwise similar (and even slightly better, not to mention cheaper) Serene Life.

Overall Winner

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

Oversized Portable Cabin

Pickings are pretty slim on this front, unfortunately.

The top 3 are great picks I can wholeheartedly recommend for those three budget brackets, but the bottom two being the best others I could find (many are either way overpriced, underperforming, or both) makes those top 3 the only legitimate picks outside of secondary choices when weighing options during a sale.

Stick with the Radiant Saunas (our winner) in most cases or the Serene Life for a budget pick. Everything else is a little iffier.